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Monday, October 13, 2008
It's the last four words of the pledge of allegiance ..."and justice for all". It is the promise of the Declaration of Independence and it is what God says he requires of us all " do justice". We are going to explore Justice as a primary component of the Kingdom of God ...and how we can't be just a charity...we must be a community that ensures 'justice for all'. Hint: it has very little to do with the courthouse and a lot to do with your house.
Monday, October 06, 2008
If you were going to pick somebody to build a perfect city, who would you pick? At the Gathering, you may be shocked at who God picks. It might be you.
Monday, September 29, 2008
Series: Hope Lives
Don't you wish you could have invested money in Apple 15 years ago? It would be great to see into the future and know which company would be successful and which would bomb. There is no way of knowing unless you are an insider. As Christians, we KNOW where to invest. Is there still seed in the barn? God wants you ALL IN!
Monday, September 22, 2008
Series: Hope Lives
Isn\'t poverty too big? How can I help? Can God help? I\'m sure He can…He is God after all. Is there something I can do to get God to help? Poverty looks so big, so bleak and I don\'t really understand how I can help. Will I ever find the faith inside myself to really make a difference and initiate change?
Monday, September 15, 2008
Series: Hope Lives
Most of us think of poverty as the lack of money, resources or ability. But there is a deeper poverty that could inflict us all. It is a poverty that keeps the poor in poverty and makes the rich suffer poverty. It is poverty of the soul. Its name is hopelessness. If poverty is hopelessness, then we must be the HOPE-giver.
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