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God says, "Bear one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ ( 'love one another'). At Crosswind our story is their story. It's the story of real people and how coming along beside and being real friends has impacted lives. Funny thing is: All these people are now impacting the lives of the people around them and so the story goes on. These stories are our scoreboard... changed lives!

Keah came to Crosswind in August looking for a place to live. She was currently homeless with no safe place to turn to. Thanks to Crosswind, MUTEH, Celebrate Recovery at NorthStar, and the Lord, she has been able to receive housing and stability. Crosswind connected Keah with MUTEH. MUTEH was able to rapid rehouse Keah, and found her an apartment in Tupelo, MS. Since then, she has been about to establish a wonderful relation with God. She has been delivered out of homelessness, and now has the opportunity to have a fresh start. 
"I thought I would never be worthy to have a relationship with God, and now I know that isn't true. God loves me for who I am, regardless of my mistakes. God has moved so much in my life since I met the wonderful people at Crosswind and NorthStar. I have a wonderful house, a wonderful church home, and wonderful friends."
Keah wanted to take the time to thank every organization (Crosswind, MUTEH, and NorthStar) who helped her get to where she is today. We are so proud of Keah, and so thankful for letting Crosswind share her story. For more personal stories from Crosswind, see videos below. 
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