Crosswind reaches out to community      
It's a simple strategy...we go where they are!
Missional teams are assigned to the high density marginalized areas of the city (namely, the subsidized apartment complexes). These teams are comprised of mature believers from stable homes and believers from the subsidized communities. This provides a continual on campus weekly “full team” presence. Proximity demands responsibility.
  • We strive to help marginalized and hurting people meet practical needs through relationship-based care.
  • We seek to develop loving and caring long term relationships with the families in the communities.
  • We have weekly meetings that inform and strengthen our love and trust in Jesus and His story (the gospel) to change us and make us ready for mission.
  • We are becoming ‘resource experts’ for our communities. Whether it be medical, help with bills, GED preparation, jobs, emergency provision of food, clothing or shelter, or sometimes just having fun together, we try to ensure our neighbors begin to experience the life that we believe is a whole life.
Crosswind’s outreach strategy can best be visualized through the grouping of specific ministry objectives with measurable goals within the community. The various ministries here at Crosswind touch the physical and spiritual needs of people from all walks of life. Follow the below links to get a detailed description of each program.

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